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  • Access to more than 800 MLS systems across the United States.
  • Proof of Funds letters

  • Money to help close your deals

  • Access to over 1.2 million foreclosures across the nation

  • The most up-to-date methods for determining the ACTUAL value of properties in today's market

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  • Exposure to types of buyers that are open to “creative financing”

  • Access to unpublished real estate auctions and “special listings”

  • Nationwide listing of REO properties sorted by lending institution

  • Access to tax records nationwide

  • Tools for forecasting income, developing financial ratios, determining expenses, and generating various rates of return on your deals

  • Knowledge to generate a minimum of three income streams

  • Two of those income streams won't even use your own money!

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Dear Fellow Real Estate Investor,

How would you like to:

  • Have a personal coach helping you increase your earnings in real estate?
  • Create a long-term business plan that specifically leads you to the income goals you've set for yourself and your career?
  • Avoid the pricey recession-based mistakes that ruin so many real estate investor careers; before they even get started?

If this sounds like you, I know you'll find this one-on-one real estate coaching program to be a income-changing - career-changing - experience. In fact, it may even be life-changing. It has certainly been a changing experience for my coaching clients in the past.

In the interest of transparency, full disclosure, and giving examples of typical results; I have numerous successful clients I have coached who are more than willing to provide you with references if needed. Having said that, I also have clients who simply don't follow the plans and advice I have laid out in a timely and efficiently manner. In this competitive landscape, timely execution and proper due diligence is a must. If you're not willing to do the leg work it take and feel that my Real Estate Investing coaching program is a magic pill for success and wealth, don't waste any more of your time. In this industry, there are a many risks associated with the “art of the deal” and if you cannot follow my instruction, you will not make the money and in many cases, you might even lose some. For this reason I personally hand pick my students after completely managing their expectations so they are prepared for the risk/reward factor.

You will see, as you become a one-on-one coaching client, one of the very first things that I will have us do together is carefully set up a business plan that's the RIGHT one for you based on your financial goals, your experience, and your timed plan of success for these goals.

We will take a look at the exact steps you'll need to take in implementing that plan. And we will set up a workable game plan that's detailed to YOU. This will guarantee the time and effort you are investing in your real estate career will directly lead to the goals and income you've set for yourself. But don't think that's where it ends. There's more to it than that.

You will get the understanding and insight you will need to succeed in the real estate world - as valuable as that may be - it's really only part of the equation! The rest comes when you apply what you've learned and put it to use out in the field. And THAT that is where the expensive mistakes are made... In the field.

Here's the thing, the type of real estate "moxy" that allows you to make the right decisions in these situations doesn't just happen over night. Like all good things, it takes time to nurture and develop.

So as a coaching client of mine – THIS is why - you also have ten months of personal and unlimited hands-on access by phone, fax, and email AFTER you've set up and started to implement your business plan not just before. So that the transition from coaching pupil to real world, real time, real estate money-maker will be as stress-free and smooth as possible.

Consider this... I will also share 12 years worth of business contacts with you. And because it's like the old cliché states, “sometimes it's not what you know but who you know”, I'll be introducing you to the movers and shakers, the top-flight contractors, brokers, appraisers, attorneys, leaders, realtors, and investors. You will never have to wonder who to contact or where to turn again - you'll KNOW the best of the best in the business. And when we're done, they'll know you.

So are you serious about your success and your future in real estate? If so, AND you're looking for real world knowledge and support, fill out this form right now and I will personally call you to discuss how this proven coaching program can help you achieve the awesome real estate goals you've set for yourself. I'm confident you will be happy you did.

Let's get started, shall we? I look forward to speaking with you soon.

To your life success,

Peter Vekselman

"Peter Vekselman has been an outstanding mentor/professional and real estate coach! He's incredibly knowledgeable about what he teaches and does. He's a man of the utmost honesty and integrity. We are truly excited to be working with him."

~ Jamal & Sara Joffrion


• Hey Peter,

I used to watch DVD's or attend seminars that were full of good ideas, but had no clue on how to actually implement them. Thanks to you, I now know how to make it work.

I do the testing methods, the market research and-- most importantly--I get it. I now know what real estate is truly all about. It's about MARKETS. Identifying them, understanding them and reaching them with the exact message to attract both buyers and sellers.

I just keep accelerating. Of course I have had a few bumps along the way and plenty of late nights putting all of this together, but it's has been one great ride so far and extremely rewarding to my bank account balance to boot!

~ Larry Johnson

• "Pete promised ongoing support and boy did he ever deliver on that promise! Thank you for taking the time to show me the way."

~ David Kim

"As a coach, Peter takes the time to cultivate his relationship with you. Unlike many other Real Estate GURU's who profit from seminars, selling CD's and manuals, he's actually out in the field making deals happen DAILY. He has created a system that works... consistently! If you think about it, REALLY think about it... any real estate investment coach needs to focus on giving you results that can be duplicated, not just something that might work for a few of the “select” people. There's no doubt, that the mentor-ship and constant education I'm receiving by working with Peter is exponentially more valuable than any payouts I'll receive from making a handful of deals. I am striving to learn and improve on an on-going basis day in and day out over time. Failure is not an option!"

~ Marc Mitchell

• Peter was a godsend! We've been looking for a mentor in real estate to guide us in the real world as well. He's extremely knowledgeable in every aspect of real estate. He's a solid mentor and totally legit. Peter's insight goes much deeper than the stuff written in real estate investing books. He's never more than a phone call away when we need him. If you want to learn street moxy - real estate style, Peter's your man. We are extremely happy with our progress and with Peter's help we know we will succeed with his "no matter what" strategy.

~ Paul and Jesamine Montufars

Peter and I have been working together now for about 3 months and I have to say, I’ve learned more about Real Estate Investing in those 3 months then I have in the past 3 years! If you're new to real estate or investing, and you want to learn how to invest wisely and correctly, then look no further than Peter. I have been trying to learn real estate investing for over 3 years prior to meeting Peter. I have purchased so many CD's and books on the subject. I was never able to wrap my head around it completely. What REALLY captured my attention were the words “fundamental of investing” I’ve been to seminars from Texas to California, and none of these so-called real estate investment seminars ever used the word “fundamental”. He's changed the way I look at real estate in such a positive way... the right way!

~ Kenny Malabag

Peter, your coaching program has helped me REALLY understand what it takes to succeed in real estate. The one-on-one approach you take and your “keeping it real” style is what I admire the most. Now that's something I truly appreciate. I look forward to my continued success working with you.

~ Jomondre Frink

Peter Vekselman has been an outstanding mentor/professional and real estate coach! He's incredibly knowledgeable about what he teaches and does. He's a man of the utmost honesty & integrity. We are truly excited to be working with him.

~ Jamal & Sara Joffrion

You remember that teacher from school, don't you? That one that was difference maker from the rest, the one that made you think even when you didn't want to, the one that pushed you because you were better than the rest. It's because he/she saw it in you!!! Peter Vekselman it that teacher. Thanks for pushing me Peter. I am so glad I called you. So for all of those people that have spent their money on TV Infomercials, (get rich in a weekend). Stop!!!!! Call Peter… I did…

Thanks again,

~ Deon Amey

I'm certainly not new to real estate. From 2003-2005 I purchased over 30 properties then lease purchased, owner-financed, rented and/or sold them “creatively”. Needless to say... mistakes are expensive! There were things I did in the middle of the race but without a mentor and just my own knowledge and my own industry experiences. Everyone was out for themselves, or so it seemed.

Many painful experiences later, I have now restarted my passion in the real estate business. My primary objective on my agenda was to obtain a great mentor with years of experience.... Proven experience. Not just someone with so-so experience but someone that I could interview intensely to make sure that they were the right person to invest my money, experience, and time with. After interviewing many so called mentors, I found Peter Vekselman on an educational forum called “Real Estate Arena”. He requested that I call him and leave a message. Peter called back within the hour and we talked one-on-one.

Peter has proven himself to be head and shoulders above all others in the industry. Peter has answered the simple yet complex questions of "What to do" and "How to do it" in a detailed process with live phone calls, one-on-one Q&A for complete understanding, and easy to accomplish tasks so I could start making money in a very short amount of time. Although I had SEVERAL years of experience, Peter has taught me a lot of the essentials to making money NOW and how to have longterm success with his established model foundation.

To me, a mentor is a person that helps you along the way to get through the tough experiences and to succeed utilizing their guidance and their experience by reducing or eliminating costly mistakes. Peter no doubt completed this with personal coaching and mentoring of his own. I highly recommend Peter to anyone starting out in real estate or anyone with years of real estate experience like myself that wants to get better to take advantage of Peter's knowledge and experience by acting and not just talking about it, like I did for several years. Talk is cheap, action breeds success.

I look forward to many more years of business building experiences learning from Peter and cannot wait for the day that I too can teach others of the most lucrative business in the United States - Real Estate Investing. Thank you Peter for all you have done already and for the many more experiences to come.

~ Student Steve Hardwick

Many months ago I decided to begin investing in real estate to break free from the constraints of Corporate America. As I began to investigate the plethora of investment opportunities I found my self besieged by midnight Guru's peddling their newest get-rich-quick scheme in late night infomercials. I studied a vast amounts of programs, books, and schemes cleverly disguised as strategies but they were lacking. Amidst this search I came to understand that what I truly desired was instruction with integrity, an education founded in experience, and guidance that was personalized to my situation and my goals. I was not going to find this packaged in a box or on a CD.

What I did find was a Mentor! In this mentor was a man who didn't promise overnight wealth, in fact, he only promised success after a LOT of hard work, and an investment of time. He had the experience and knowledge of a seasoned real estate investor. He doesn't "need" to teach but rather he has "chosen" to teach. Afterward he discussed at length with me what my goals and experience were. He developed a program for and with me whereby through his guidance and my efforts I would create a sound foundation upon which to develop my real estate goals and vision.

Peter Vekselman is not just a Mentor, but also a Coach, and a Guide. He is not a Midnight Real Estate “Guru”, nor does he package success in a box, and he doesn't promise wealth magically overnight. If you are willing to work hard and stay focused on your goals and objectives, Peter Vekselman can help you to achieve it by providing you with the knowledge you need to make sound educated decisions in the real estate world.

~ James Arthur Young

"You have shown me how to distinguish the proper areas, find the right values, and many other critical steps…. I’m very happy with the direction we’re going…"

~ Eugene Aponte"

As a beginning real estate investor, you typically look for people and companies that will walk you through the steps needed to become successful. Peter Velselman is helping me do exactly that. He is helping me to look at the numbers on multifamily dwellings to see if it could possibly make a good investment, all the way to closing the deal. Now that's a mentor! Thanks Peter!!!"

~ Ronald Brown

"Peter, I just wanted to take time to thank you! Not very many people are willing or able to offer such a tremendous opportunity to be coached by a successful real estate entrepreneur such as yourself. In a short amount of time, I've already learned a lot. I cannot wait to see what the next several months will bring!"

~ N. Ross

"Peter's coaching in real estate investing has been a very action-oriented, and incredibly refreshing experience. His style of coaching is designed step-by-step to create a solid foundation in investing and forces focus and implementation with each and every assignment. I really enjoy the one-to-one coaching, and the ability to build confidence by actually doing what he says, I will avoid many mistakes (many of which I made before I met Peter!) while learning to do things correctly. Peter's coaching is not designed to be a course to merely fill you with "head knowledge", but actually bridges the gap to becoming a profitable and active investor- which is my personal goal. He is helping me build a solid foundation, while giving great direction and advice on deals I am currently working. Im not left wondering if I am pursuing the right investing opportunities, but am confident that through his direction I am making the best and most profitable decisions on potential deals- and that is what it's all about."

~ Jo Amick

"Investing in real estate has been my dream for a number of years. I've been watching most of the real estate shows late at night where some guy promises to make you rich from one day to the next if you buy his program. However, most of these “gurus” aren't even in the field of investing. They are just trying to sell their programs.

From the moment I received the information from Peter Vekselman I knew IMMEDIATELY he was the person who was going to make my dreams come true.

Our first conversation we had together made me realize that real estate investing is not about making excuses but more about taking action. If ANYONE wants to be successful in this business you have to put time and effort into it. Peter Vekselman is truly a mentor who will take you step-by-step on your personal path to the top."

~ Jaime Salas

"If only I had found you sooner Peter, but at least I found you and you're truly a life saver."

~ Jon Harriott

"Thank you for reviving my career in real estate investing. Your strategy has brought me new insight and direction to my business. Your procedure guided me step-by-step and helped put my business back on track. Thank you again.”

~ Luxley Farrell

"Peter is a great coach! He strongly believes in learning by taking the proper action steps. This is the best decision that I have ever made in real estate. He is supportive and gives the exact guidance needed to complete deals. I highly recommend his coaching to anyone."

~ Jason Headen

"Your info is really great Peter, and thanks for the help."

~ Jeff Lord

"Peter - Your straightforward approach regarding homework assignments and verbal communications have allowed me the opportunity to do a step-by-step plan, lessening my learning curve and keeping the fear level low. Even with my several years of past and current knowledge as a general building contractor, mortgage broker, and real estate developer, your input has allowed me to know I am doing investing correctly this time. In the past it's been a mixed set of results. I have done investing correctly making good money and I have done it incorrectly and lost good money. Outside circumstances like tight loan programs, high interest rates, and higher costs have made a great impact. Learning new ways to move forward with a hands-on coach like yourself reassures me with all new transactions. Even though life is very hectic and busy, you keep pushing me to do better and staying honest with my actions."

~ Bob Lawton

"Peter, thanks for helping me fulfill my dreams!"

~ Tinisha Springs

"Peter, I really want to let you know what an extremely knowledgeable individual you are to work with and what an amazing program you have put together. I have only been working with you for about a month so far, and have already learned IMPERATIVE things in a real estate business that no other person or so-called "guru" teaches or even knows in a couple of years of their courses. You have continued to teach and push me. Thank you so much for working with me and I really look forward to closing my first deal this week!"

~ Ray Allen

"Hi Peter, I've been rehabbing for well over 10 years and in the short time that I've been coached by you, I have gained incredible insight from your philosophy and techniques.

I certainly would recommend your mentor program to anyone looking for a realistic and straight forward approach for success and making money in Real Estate.

Keep up the great work,"

~ Sal Carventas

"This will be my best year ever thanks to your help, I'm excited about not only my future but my kids future."

~ Jim Harrington

"If anyone is seriously considering working with Peter as a coach or mentor, I would go for it. I am not just saying that because he's my coach but I'm really serious when I tell you, Peter is the real deal."

~ Sara Joffrion

"I am really very excited! I'm about to close my very first deal. I'm totally working on it. You have inspired me. Thank you. That 'thank you' is the first of many."

~ Jackie Lee

"Thanks so very much.. You are really my ANGEL!!"

~ Celso Gironella

"Thank you for everything that you've taught me over the passing months. I have learned so more from you in this time period than I have ever learned previously and for that I am so grateful. Thank you Peter for everything."

~ Sam C. DeLaurentis II

"Thanks to you Peter! So many deals are coming through and people were completely shocked when I mentioned that I have been doing this only a month. When they asked how, I told them that I have an awesome coach and good leads through a FSBO list. They asked who the coach was so of course I told them! I brag about you all the time to my friends and family."

~ Glenn Bravy

"Hey Coach,
You have given me hope, vision, a plan, a purpose, and an outline for myself and my family. Thanks Coach!"

~ Shannon D. Hughes

Real Estate Train - Hop on the Money Locomotive by Training as an Agent, Appraiser or Enroll in Online Courses in Real Estate Sales, Appraisal, and Property Investment

Real Estate Training

The world of real estate is a career destination taken by many who want to make money hand over fist. There are many avenues where you can make money in this trade: by becoming an agent, assistant to a real estate investment guru, broker, appraiser, investor, inspector, or coordinator, among others. Even staging homes to prep them for open houses has also become a career! It is up to you which route you would like to take, but make sure that you follow the right road map and get a knowledgeable tour guide to point you to the right direction. There are many who succeeded in their journey in real estate and are, in fact, leaving tracks for others to follow. These are through training programs and useful training resources. You can opt for formal education and a graduate course, attend seminars, or enroll on an online training course. Whatever learning vehicle you want to take, just make sure to take on the ones that are credible and from genuine experts. If you want to be taken to the real estate gold mine faster, hop on the real estate train and learn from the conquests and defeats of those who have been there. Let us take a preview of such training programs.

Real Estate Training Courses

With careers in real estate gaining more popularity, various seminars, classes and courses are now being offered, whether in the training room, online, or in the actual real estate world. While real estate and real estate development used to be taken only as part of the business school course, and courses in urban planning and architecture, today, you can now find schools offering one and two-year graduate level real estate degree programs which first began in MIT Center for Real Estate in 1983. After which, other schools, such as Texas A&M University, and University of California, followed suit and also came up with their graduate level education on real estate. Your employer could be another means for you to get real estate training. Many realty companies provide their employees training for new agents, personal computing programs for online transaction management, special topics on mortgage financing, affordable housing programs, negotiation strategies, new home construction and sales, sales and advertising, to name a few. Whitehead Inc. Realtors in Rockford, IL is one real estate company that offers such training to their people.

Real Estate Sales Training - Commission Possible

If you are not employed yet in a real estate company though, you can opt for paying for your own training. So much so if you want to be a licensed real estate broker. Treat it as an investment. You may recoup your expenses once you start earning commission. If you live in North Carolina, you may want to enroll in JY Monk Real Estate School, the largest real estate school in the state offering courses for people who want to get their license as brokers and other courses on continuing education. They have classes held in both the classroom and online.

Real Estate Investing Training - REI for ROI

Real estate investing could be the most lucrative niche to carve in this industry. You do not have to be licensed or certified. Others may not know this, but you do not have to be moneyed. You are merely an investor buying and selling your “own” properties for a living. But, oh boy! You can make a handsome profit if you know the tricks and techniques of the trade. However, most classroom training courses provided are for real estate careers with licenses and certifications, and probably less on investing. Real estate investing training programs often come in the form of a seminar, mentorship, or an online course. This particular subject matter is best learned by complementing it with actual hands-on training. So if this is where you want to specialize, the best route would be a combination of paid seminars, free online resources, and mentoring or coaching with a real estate investor for actual hands-on experience. To reciprocate the investor’s favor offer to be his assistant for free for a certain period. You can also find legit real estate coaches who are willing to share their valuable experience, provide guidance and a training course to help you discover the financially rewarding world of real estate investing.

Real Estate Appraisal Training - Establish Your Value Before That of Real Estate

Becoming a certified real estate appraiser is another way for you to carve your name in the realm of real estate. With properties changing hands all the time, real estate appraisers are in demand to appraise various properties available in the market. You can choose to specialize in the appraisal of residential, commercial and other types of real property.

Online Real Estate Training - The Anywhere, Anytime Classroom

If you want to train for free, you can also do so through self-study and by actual experience. There are many resources you can find online that are free of charge or for a fee. You can even find instructional videos on the Internet to help you unravel the mysteries in real estate. But the common advantage here is you can take the course anywhere and anytime. Whether you are in Colorado, Dallas, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, Michigan, Maryland, Ohio, New York, Virginia, or even in Ontario or NSW in Australia, you can pursue an education in real estate by enrolling in a real estate training program offered by many online training sites, such as the Middleton Real Estate Training, Inc., Commercial Real Estate Institute, Capital Real Estate Training Center. With the various training programs being offered, it is now so easy to start a career in real estate. Choose your specific line of work and take the appropriate course, whether for free or paid, online or in the classroom, to get on the real estate train. All aboard!

Real Estate Invest – A Look Into Investment Companies, Commercial Investing And Trusts

What is real estate investing?

Real estate investing means investing money on property with the goal to generate income. In short, you put money to work today and make it grow so you have more money in the future. However, you have to make enough profit in order to cover for the expenses and risks you take such as taxes, as well as the costs of owning the real estate investment such as utilities and insurance. According to the 16th annual survey of the Association of Foreign Investors in Real Estate, the U.S. is top of the list as the “most stable and secure” countries for real estate to invest in.

There are 3 types of real estate investment:

1. Commercial - property that is used solely for business purposes 2. Residential real estate – property which is used for living purposes 3. Industrial real estate - property which is used for manufacturing and production. The businesses that occupy commercial real estate usually lease the space while an investor usually owns the building and collects rent from each business that operates there. Real estate can refer to immovable property, such as land, and everything else that is permanently attached to it, such as buildings. Acquiring real estate also entitles a person to acquire a set of rights, including possession, control and transfer of rights. The tax implications for investment real estate are often different than those for residential real estate.

USA’s 2010 Best Markets For Investment In Real Estate (Source:Wall Street Journal)

Durham, N.C. Huntsville, Ala. Indianapolis Knoxille Lexington Little Rock Winston-Salem Oklahoma City Greenville Jackson

Ways to Make Money Through Real Estate Investments

If you’re just a beginner starting out, understanding real estate investment is extremely important because it does not only involve a substantial amount of money, it also involves a long-term goal. Additionally, the real estate market can be unpredictable. This is especially important when buying or putting up property for sale not knowing how to price it properly. Using free online tools such as a sample template calculator will aid you in your evaluation. A lot of property management software can also be downloaded 100 percent free. This will help you get organized at the start in terms of database info such as names, addresses, locations etc. You also need to understand banking rules, rates on mortgages. Most of all, getting a tip or tips from experts as well as having a strategy will help you get organized.

How To Invest In Real Estate

There are a number of ways in which an investor can participate in the real estate market. >Rental Advantage: In rental, the owner or landlord earns a continuous income from the tenant, but is responsible for paying the mortgage, taxes and any costs associated with maintaining the property. Another benefit from rental is capital appreciation or an increase in the value of the property over time. Disadvantage: The landlord runs the risk of not finding a tenant and could suffer negative monthly cash flows, with mortgage payments and maintenance expenses still to be borne. As compared to owning stocks and bonds, rental real estate requires a significant amount of time and effort to be devoted by the landlord. >Real Estate Investment Groups or REIG Real estate investment groups are similar to small mutual funds. They are set up for rental properties. While an investor may own one or more units, a professionally managed company acquires, builds, maintains and lets out all the units on the properties in exchange for a percentage of the monthly rent. >Real Estate Trading In real estate trading, investors acquire significantly undervalued property and hold these properties for only a short span of time around 4 months or less, with the aim to sell them for profit. This process is called flipping properties. Such owners may or may not invest money into improving these properties before putting it back on sale. >Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) A real estate investment trust (REIT) is a corporation that invests in real estate and uses investors' money to acquire and operate properties. REITs also trade on major exchanges. Real Estate Investment Trust Different countries have varying laws in REIT. In the USA, REITs was first launched by the Congress in 1960 as a way to provide small investors with the chance to invest and make money from big investors. Today, it is also well known in other countries such as Australia, Japan, and Brazil. In REITs, revenues derived from rent and other fees comprise the dividends given to stockholders who have invested in property-investment companies. REITs can be bought on most of the major stock exchanges. Its appeal with individual real estate investors lie in the fact that they present a most direct way to owning property with the absence of some expense and trouble that is often otherwise unnecessary. REITs are exempt from federal tax as long as they distribute at least 90% of taxable income to investors annually in the form of dividends ranging from 8% to 9% annually. Dividends can be deducted from taxable corporate revenues through REITs and an individual investor is only accountable for the taxes concerning dividends received and any capital gains.

A Few of the Benefits of Real Estate Investment Trusts:

>Provide a fairly regular income >Investors gain exposure to non-residential investments such as malls and office building > Are highly liquid. >Are required by law to distribute 90% of their taxable income in the form of dividends to shareholders.

Guide 101 - Understanding the Basics of Investing in Real Estate

Anyone would agree that the best advice for dummies contemplating on real estate investment is understanding and education on property investment. Why? Most of us buy the first piece of property for sale that we see. While this enthusiasm is great, it is best to first develop a wide and complete understanding of property investment. Accounting is also one of the most significant objectives required for running your real estate firm smoothly. Moreover, if you are just beginning your career in the real estate business, either as a broker or as an investor, then it is vital that you develop a good understanding of the strategies and basics in purchasing an investment property. The best way to do this is to get a real estate online seminar. For instance, The New York Real Estate Institute provides in class and online real estate classes to obtain a brokers’ license and is proven to lead to higher placement for jobs. Understanding the concepts of real estate investment will help you on your way to completely understanding property investment. For instance, one should cover the basic concepts such as choosing between residential or commercial property, what is stamp duty and its costs, capital gains tax, real estate listings. Below are just some of the many questions that a dummy usually faces. i. Residential vs. Commercial Property Although there are many great advantages to commercial property, not too many people truly understand what makes a great commercial property investment. If you are just beginning your career in real estate, it is best to stick with residential property because commercial property is generally slightly more advanced and risky. ii. What is stamp duty & how much will it cost me? A Stamp duty is a tax that is levied on legal documents such as a marriage licenses and land transactions. The exact amounts vary but on average, you can expect to pay about 5% of the property value. For example, an investment property worth $300k will come to about $15k in stamp duty. iii. What is capital gains tax? A capital gains tax or CGT is a tax charged on capital gains, the most common are from the sale of stocks, bonds, precious metals and property. Each country implements a different capital gains tax with different rates for individuals and corporations. Professional investors never sell their investment properties so that they don't have to pay for capital gains tax but still gain profit without selling their properties. iv. Where are the best real estate listings? In the old days you would have needed to inspect these properties which would take hours of work. Because of the improvement in technology, finding the best real estate listing sites in the region or cities has become very easy. Aside from online listings, you can place or search listings in newspapers or a real estate magazine, banks, forums, local realtor or Department of Real Estate Listings (DRE). These are also some of the places where you can post your properties for sale. Creative real estate investing is the non-traditional method of buying and selling real estate. For example, a family wants to buy a house but do not have the cash to pay for it. The head of the family must arrange with a lending institution to finance his home purchase so he can pay the full amount of the house from a combination of the borrowed funds and his own funds. Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduits, or "REMICs," which are also called Collateralized mortgage obligations are a type of special purpose vehicle used for the pooling of mortgage loans and issuance of mortgage-backed securities. Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac) and the Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) are among the major issuers of REMICs, privately operated mortgage conduit, which are owned by mortgage bankers, mortgage insurance companies, and savings institutions. REO or Real estate owned is a class of property owned by a lender, typically a bank, a government agency, or government loan insurer. The beneficiary will legally repossess the property after an unsuccessful sale at a foreclosure auction or if there are no bidders that are interested. IRA Roth is a special type of retirement plan under US law that is generally not taxed, provided certain conditions are met. Any type of investment real estate can qualify for IRA investment including apartment buildings, office buildings and motels. If these are all a blur for you, getting a great education or a real estate coach will help you truly understand property investment. High quality free information such as real estate investment guide 101 is available and easy to get on the Internet. A few of the resources to learn about real estate investment are: Appraisal of Real Estate, 13th Edition Real Estate Investing Books and Courses Real Estate Finance & Investments 14th Ed Brueggeman Certificate of Real Estate Investment Finance (CREIF) - APREA California Real Estate Investment Training Tax Lien Certificate and Real Estate Foreclosure Online Course Best Damn Commercial Real Estate Investing Book Ever Written The Unofficial Guide to Real Estate Investing Canadian Real Estate Investing Guide Real Estate Investor Forum Best Selling Real Estate Investing Books for 2010 How To Pick Up Profitable Properties Nationwide Private Money - Buying Properties CASH Learn How to Buy Tax Lien Certificates Attorney X Program, Loan Modification & Financing Private Money Interviews Wholesale Interviews Commercial Real Estate 102 Home Study Course Web 2.0 Wealth Revolution Online Course Guide to Purchasing Self Storage Facilities REIClub Foreclosure Academy How to Buy My First Apartment Building!

What are Real Estate Investment Companies?

For a lot of people, the word "real estate" simply means property. Contrary to that belief, real estate is a broad word that encompasses a lot of other things. To put it more simply, real estate investment companies help individuals or investors who want to invest in real estate market but are either unable to spend time on it, do not have the expertise to go through the process, or have zero knowledge. Real estate companies employ personnel that are trained to handle investment as real estate is much more complex because there are several different types of real estate investments. These companies act as brokers or even managers to represent both buyers and sellers to create ideal opportunities for real estate investors. Real estate companies represent clients in the sale, purchase, exchange and the finance of the real estate investment. Companies use teams to help improve quality, work processes, or customer service. The difference between self-managed and self-directed teams is how the teams may operate and which may best be used in a particular organization or situation to make it easier for the management to understand. Some of the important services provided by real estate investment companies are acquisition, property management, redevelopment, leasing, debt analysis, procurement, tax documentation, disposition analysis and detailed monthly reporting. In short, it acts as your manager. However, one cannot merely rely totally on real estate companies. You can get started by enrolling yourself in real estate classes and seminars or doing self-help research would help you acquire a complete understanding of how commercial real estate investment deals are financed, structured, and accomplished. And if these are not enough, getting yourself certified is not a bad idea at all. Online courses usually take 3 to 5 days to complete, and upon completion, certificates will be given. A certificate in real estate investment will help you learn: >Identify sources of capital and other various forms of financing structures >Instruments for mortgage > Income analysis >Methods for valuation >Methods for underwriting >Financial calculations >Comparisons of investment deal structures Continuing education and local real estate investment clubs assist investors through an online community by providing an opportunity to meet monthly with leaders in the industry. Joining a real estate investment club is crucial to your success. Every market in every city is completely different. What goes on in Durham is a lot different down in Miami. A good real estate investment club can catapult your real estate investment business straight to the top so knowing everything there is to know about your city is crucial to your success. List Real Estate Investment clubs and companies: Alexandria Real Estate Equities Stock The Real Estate Investor’s Club of Los Angeles (LAREIC) Apollo Real Estate Investment Fund Atlanta Real Estate Investors Alliance Boca Real Estate Investment Club Chicago Area Real Estate Investors Association Cole Real Estate Investments Orlando Florida Real Estate Investment Property Georgia Real Estate Investors (GaREIA) Atlanta Real Estate Investing AIG GLOBAL REAL ESTATE Hines Real Estate Investments Houston Real Estate Investing Dallas Real Estate Investment South Jersey Real Estate KBS Companies - KBS Realty Advisors, KBS Capital Advisors National Real Estate Investor Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust San Diego Real Estate & Investments Southern Maryland Real Estate Investment Group Washington Real Estate Investment Trust Wells Real Estate Funds Western New York Real Estate Investors Club Canada Real Estate Investment Club Qatar Real Estate Investment Company Pennsylvania (PA) Real Estate Investment Trust UK Probate Real-Estate Canada Real Estate Investment Club HAL Real Estate Investments Inc ING Real Estate What Is Commercial Real Estate Investing? What usually comes to people's mind when talking about investing in real estate is residential property. While this is no doubt the most viable route for most people especially beginners, commercial property can offer additional benefits the residential model cannot offer. Commercial real estate property is property that is used solely for business purposes. Examples of commercial real estate include malls, office parks, restaurants, gas stations, convenience stores and office towers. Below are 3 reasons why commercial investments are better than residential investments: 1.) More Access to More Capital Smaller private equity firms and finance companies are more inclined to do joint venture projects so it is more common for investors to pool their capital together and syndicate deals. As a residential investor your access to capital is limited primarily to traditional financing, hard money lenders, and private money from individual investors while being a commercial investor gives you the potential to raise capital for a deal from the same sources as residential projects, but additionally you could access capital through smaller private equity firms, hedge funds, private REITs, investment groups, and so on. 2.) Less Competitive Most investors target residential property owners, you will probably find you are the only person contacting these commercial property owners in regard to selling their property, thus making the residential market more competitive. Most commercial properties under $5 million tend to be too large for most residential investors, yet too small for most institutional investors. 3.) Allows for ‘Forced’ Appreciation Residential properties will be valued in the general range of the market with features while in commercial real estate, the value of a property is based on the revenue that the property generates. The overall premise is that the more revenue a property generates, the more that property is worth. You need to find additional ways to increase the revenue that the property generates in order to "force" the appreciation of your commercial property. To sum it all up, commercial real estate investments can create a larger return on your investment over time as compared to residential investments because a commercial property's value is tied to the income the property produces and overall demand for the property's services. Nothing is more enticing than having the freedom to create your own schedule, be in control of how much you earn, and to have your own business. Such is the real estate business and anyone can be successful in the real estate business. What’s important is having the required skills and knowing the ins and outs of real estate to invest in.

Real Estate Coach -- The Benefits of Commercial Real Estate Coaching

Do You Really Need a Real Estate Coach?

If you are already a successful real estate investor, you might be thinking that you no longer need a real estate coach. Wrong. If you are really committed to real estate investment, there are good reasons for hiring a real estate coach. In fact, a real estate coach is more suited for those who already have some success in buying and selling real estate than for a complete beginner. It is often been said that as the island of knowledge increases, the shore of ignorance also expands. There is always something new that you can learn especially from someone who is a veteran in the business. Even if you already have proven your own mettle, the point behind hiring a real estate coach is to reach higher than where you are already. Yes, you might have reached to where you are now by pulling your own bootstrap, and pride is fine but, you have to remember that you are in this business for the money and not to prove what you can do. If you are just starting out, all the more that you need a mentor to guide you through the ropes of the business. Coaching is different from mere teaching because it is more focused on what works in the real world and what doesn't. It will also teach you on how to set your goals and reach them and isn't this what you just need when you are just starting out? Knowing the ropes of the business really fast will help you reach your goals faster too. That is why, a real estate coach is important for those who already have some success in real estate investing and want to reach higher goals and for those who are just starting out.

What are the Benefits of Real Estate Coaching?

We have already mentioned the importance of having a real estate coach both for the experienced real estate agent and for those who are just starting out. But what exactly are the benefits of a real estate coach? Here, I will enumerate a few: 1. Informed second opinion Needless to say, real estate coaches are also investors who have proven their mettle in the business. They have done it before, still doing it now and are still making a good living out of real estate investing. With that under their belt, they can give you an informed second opinion about the current market, your business practices that need to be improved and other things that is vital to your success. 2. Focused instructions As already mentioned, coaching is different from teaching in that, it is focused on instructions that work in the real world. We are not talking theories here, we are talking about what will really bring home the bacon. A coach, because of his long experience in the business can give you focused instructions of what really works and what doesn't and what practices needs to be avoided because they can get you into trouble. 3. Structured approach to real estate investing Real estate investing is not something that you can approach in a haphazard, come-what-may manner. You have to be sure of what you do otherwise, you could end up wasting a lot of time and a lot of money. Another benefit to having a coach is getting a structured approach to real estate investing. 4. Provide you with the tools of the trade Lastly, a coach can also provide you with the needed tools of the trade including software that are used in modern real estate investing. Without a coach, you are on your own and you will end up reinventing the wheel because you don't know where to start. These are some of the benefits of real estate coaching. Nowadays, you really don't need to meet your coach because coaching is mostly done by telephone. If you prefer a personal meeting, that can be arranged as well but before you hire a coach, make sure that he is able to adapt to your unique schedules and needs.

Real Estate Agent Coaching for the Fledgling Businessman

If you are just starting out as a real estate agent, you definitely need a coach. There are a lot of things that you can learn from a seasoned expert and the experience can really bolster your career. Here are some tips for the beginning real estate agent: 1. Consider yourself as a businessman As an agent, you might be working for a broker and it is easy to slide into the employee mentality. But that should not be the case because the moment you think that way, that would be the end of your career. As a real estate agent who is just starting out, you should consider yourself as a businessman running you own small business so that you will be motivated to act like you are building your own empire instead of working for somebody who is building his own. 2. Create a business plan and stick to it Spend time researching a sane business plan and stick with it until you reach your goal. Gather data, establish how much budget you are going to spend on marketing and have a foresight of how much you are going to earn with your effort. This is a crucial point that you have to consider in order to remain profitable. 3. Find a credible mentor Lastly, but definitely not the least, find a credible mentor. There are common obstacles in real estate business which are enough to buffet the unsuspecting agent, but if you know what these are through mentoring, then you can avoid them and continue a profitable business. Never stop learning even if you already have some success in the business. It is said that what you know today will have a half life of two years and before you know it, you are already too obsolete to be useful.

Strategic Real Estate Coach - Universal Real Estate Investing Programs that You Need to Know

Today's troubled real estate market requires a different set of skills, tools and outlook in order to be successful. If you are still operating under the so called "old school" principles, then prepare to fail because today's market is very much different from what it used to be. The Strategic Real Estate Coach ( is a website that is dedicated to giving you the best and most recent resources and insider information on strategies and techniques for investing in real estate in today’s troubled market. If you haven't known them today, you should visit them now. You can even download the SREC app in your iPhone so that you can have constant update especially with Josh Cantwell aka The Strategic Real Estate Coach. The advantage of the SREC over other coaching techniques is that it uses the power of the Internet and apply it in today’s business realities. Thousands of real estate agents, both old and new have profited from the teachings of SREC and has led a profitable real estate investing business.

Reasons Why You Should Start a Commercial Real Estate Coaching Business

As already mentioned, there is a great need for real estate coaches these days. If you are one of those veteran real estate agents, you can make a profitable business by starting a commercial coaching business. It has been the practice of some real state companies not to give good training for their agents these days, and those right minded agents who want to make it to the top are finding the value of one-on-one coaching. You cannot expect to succeed in this business without ongoing training. In recent years, commercial real estate coaches had been found to be very effective in keeping agents in better focus. Another area in which they are effective is in monitoring and keeping the agent in check so that he or she doesn't go back to old bad selling habits that have been learned through the years of doing the business alone. It is relatively easy for agents to regress to old habits after a week of coaching because these habits had been ingrained in their system. Keeping him or her in check and productive is part of the coach's job. Without ongoing accountability check, the agent will eventually settle for ineffective practices and the business will eventually die. These reasons and a lot more should motivate you to start a commercial real estate coaching business. On top of your sales, you can make this as a second source of income. Added to that, there is something that cannot be priced with money, and that is, the impact that you will have on the next generation of agents.

Finding an experienced real estate coach generous enough to be willing to share insider trade secrets and mold a newbie real estate investor is one fast route you can take to thrive in this volatile industry.

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